Andy Dick Arrested At Another Restaurant

Comedian Andy Dick was arrested on Monday night for public intoxication. The former Celebrity Rehab guest was taken into custody at a restaurant in Temperton, California.

According to police officers the actor was at Marie Callender’s restaurant around 9PM when restaurant management reported to the The Los Angeles Times that an “intoxicated male subject who was causing a disturbance inside the restaurant.”

When police arrived at the restaurant Andy Dick was intoxicated at the bar and “unable to care for his own person” according to police.

Dick was cooperative with officers and released on $500 bail.

The arrest makes it number 3 in the same number of years for Andy, according to PopCrunch:

In 2008, the actor pleaded guilty and received probation after being found drunk outside a restaurant in Riverside County. Dick pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery and marijuana possession and was ordered to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet for 12 months. Just two years later he was cuffed and hauled in again. That time the charge with sexual abuse amid allegations that he’d groped a bouncer and a patron at a West Virginia bar.

Is it just me or does Andy Dick not look like himself in the mugshot shown at the top of this story. Plus he also needs to stay away from restaurants, I mean seriously, who gets arrested for public intoxication at two different eateries.