Arnold Schwarzenegger Rides Tiny Toy Horse [Video]

A video of Arnold Schwarzenegger riding a tiny toy horse has emerged online, and it’s already better than any Christmas present that you’ll receive over the next few weeks.

The 66-year-old former actor/politician/bodybuilder uploaded the footage himself with the delightful title, “Horsing Around at Cowboy Christmas.”

Describing the clip, Schwarzenegger wrote, “This weekend I visited the National Finals Rodeo in Vegas. I’m not as ballsy as those cowboys, but the lady running this booth called my bluff when I asked if I could ride the toy horse. As always, an iPhone was watching, so wanted to share the fun with you.”

The five-time Mr Universe winner can clearly be seen enjoying his time on the back of the toy and laps up the attention. The audience around him are clearly shocked by what’s transpiring before them, and huge guffaws of laughter can be heard, with one man simply muttering, “Jesus.”

The video has already amassed close to 100,000 hits in just over 24 hours, and Youtube users have been quick to praise Arnie for his horse-riding endeavors.

One commentator wrote, “Arnold sets the bar. If Arnie rides a toy horse, then it is okay for the manliest of men to ride toy horses.” While another proclaimed, “Vote this man for PRESIDENT:)) he is the best :)”

Schwarzenegger has proved to be a social media dynamo, and his various antics since he joined Twitter, Facebook and Reddit have all gone viral.

Several months ago, he ran a competition that gave the winner a personalized voice mail from The Terminator actor, and he has also filmed himself crushing one of his old cars inside a M47 tank.

In October, he uploaded a video that saw him recreate dozens of his classic lines, as part of an “ask me anything” session with Reddit.

Schwarzenegger reveled in sprouting off the quotable quips from the likes of Predator, the Escape Plan, Conan the Barbarian, and Kindergarten Cop.

During the Q&A, Schwarzenegger was also asked how he keeps himself fit in hotels and gyms when is on the road, to which he responded:

“Someone on Reddit asked what it was like for me to train in hotel gyms or other unfamiliar gyms on the road. The answer is: just like it is for you. There is no waiting to train until you have perfect circumstances. I improvise with whatever is available.”

Are you a fan of Schwarzenegger’s work on social media?

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