Deals On Bluetooth Speakers That Won’t Break The Bank

Looking for Bluetooth speakers this holiday season?

Bluetooth speakers do make a pretty awesome gift for that special someone. Or, you could treat yourself to a sweet set of Bluetooth speakers. Ya know, which ever.

But which Bluetooth speakers make the grade without making you pay through the nose? Obviously, affordability is a subjective concept; what one person might pay for Bluetooth speakers would seem asinine to someone else. Never fear, there are quality Bluetooth speakers out there to fit everyone’s holiday budget.

Strap in, folks, it’s time for some research on Bluetooth speakers. Let’s check in with good ol’ CNET to find their list of the best Bluetooth speakers.

The JBL Flip

– Retailing on Amazon for just under $100 on Amazon, in a variety of colors, the JBL Flip should suit your needs and your budget.
– Sixty-eight percent of reviewers gave it five stars.
CNET reviewers liked the design and sound performance for the money.

The G-Project G-BOOM lists it at $99.99, and mentions it was named “‘The Ultimate $100 Bluetooth Boombox’ by”
Features an integrated USB port for charging your smartphone.
CNET reviewers liked the speakers’ built-in handle and strong bass.

The Oontz by Cambridge SoundWorks

With Amazon’s price of $43.99, it’s small in size but big on value.
Offers built-in speakerphone capabilities.
CNET likes the sound (for the price), the battery life and the design.

The Soundfreaq Sound Kick SFQ-04

Currently on sale for $79.99 at Best Buy. Priced at $99.99 at Amazon (plus free shipping!).
Offers up to 7 hours of play time, and features a USB port for charging smartphones or other portable devices.
CNET says it has an attractive design to go along with its compact form factor.

The HMDX Jam Plus

Starts at $39.95 on Amazon and comes in various color options.
It boasts a compact, bullet-style design that’s both fun and practical.
CNET remarks that the price allows you to purchase another for a matching set.

Whether you need a new set of Bluetooth speakers or you’re shopping for Bluetooth speakers to give as a gift, the deals on these Bluetooth speakers can’t be ignored.