‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Recoil: ‘A Mother’s Work’ Is The Season Finale That Shocked (Or Killed) Everyone

Sons of Anarchy spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t watched the Season Six finale, what the heck are you doing here? You should be watching Sons of Anarchy instead!

Sons of Anarchy fans finally got their answers to how it was all going to go down between Doctor Tara and the Sons of Anarchy MC, but with the good doctor dead, was that the answer they wanted?

The latest episode of Sons of Anarchy, entitled “A Mother’s Work,” is done, despite the popular phrase associated with the title. And with it, is Jax Teller done? Tara’s death wasn’t the first big one in this season of Sons of Anarchy, and it wasn’t the last either. Clay Morrow, Galen O’Shea and San Joaquin Sheriff’s Lieutenant Eli Roosevelt have all met the reaper. Let’s take a look at how it went down.

This latest installment started off ominously enough, with Jax writing/narrating to his sons, Thomas and Abel, about all the things he’s done and the man he has become. He sees dark clouds on the horizon for what this day has in store and wanted to get it all down in advance of the storm to come (it’s total anarchy). He’s writing this from Opie’s grave, mind you, which of course is emblazoned with the Sons of Anarchy’s reaper logo.

Then we see a pure, white dove, symbol of peace, sitting in the road and minding its own business until being mowed down by Jax’s Harley.

It’s not subtle (most things aren’t on Sons of Anarchy): Jax and the MC are going to war.

The first order of business is finding Tara and the boys; not just for the club but for D.A. Patterson and the sheriff’s office. Juice and Bobby shadow her new lawyer, a good thing, seeing as she calls him to check out the wit-sec agreement before taking the deal. Meanwhile, the Mayans show up and want a meeting with August Marks about the power shift in Oakland. Alvarez wants Nero there too.

That’s a fun meeting.

Nero confronts Jax about having Darby killed at the beginning of the season, and it seems the Latin gangs are having a little solidarity party. After the Sons of Anarchy members split from the super-awkward scene, the Mayans kill the One-Niners present, taking the guns and keeping the money, making it a bad day all around.

But wait, Tara’s been located. More fun encounters! She begs Jax not to hurt her in front of their sons, apparently forgetting who she’s married to: the Sons of Anarchy pres would never do that and proves it to her.

Patterson meets Tara at her motel room, with Jax present. He agrees to take the rap for the gun charges; in exchange, Tara gets to walk as does the rest of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club.

No one’s happy with this deal, least of all Bobby and Chibs. The problem is, no one can get a hold of Gemma. So when she confronts Tara at home, Gemma still thinks she made a deal.

It doesn’t end well. Or clean. Think “drowning in the sink” and “repeated stab wounds to the back of the head with a carving fork.”

Just like that, Tara is dead. But it doesn’t end there: Roosevelt hears the struggle and comes to investigate, sees Tara dead and Gemma in shock, and lays it out. Tara didn’t rat, Jax fell on his sword. but before he can call it in, Juice shoots him twice in the back, helps Gemma up and cleans up the scene. This is the welcome Jax finds when arriving to say goodbye to Tara before surrendering: a dead wife and a dead cop. Patterson shows up next to find the Sons of Anarchy president cradling his dead wife in the middle of a bloody crime scene.

Wonder what conclusion she’s going to draw?

This is what Sons of Anarchy fans get to ruminate on until Season Seven arrives.

What did you think of the Sons of Anarchy Season Six finale? How will the Sons of Anarchy MC fare under Bobby’s leadership?

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