Macaulay Culkin Dating Jordan Price, A Mila Kunis Girlfriend Lookalike?

With Macaulay Culkin dating Jordan Price, some people have noticed how she resembles ex-girlfriend Mila Kunis, calling Price a “lookalike.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Macaulay is working on a hipster parody band called Pizza Underground that sings about, you guess it, pizza.

Years ago, Macaulay Culkin broke up with Mila Kunis and his life apparently fell apart in the aftermath of the breakup. Reports have even spread rumors he was close to death from a drug addiction and that he looked emaciated. Mila, for her part, has long since moved on and has been dating her former That 70’s Show co-star Ashton Kutcher. She even claims the “split was amicable” and that Culkin and Kunis “remain close friends.”

After spending time living with a rock star drug addict, Culkin was spotted at Comic-Con New York looking healthy and happy and wearing the hipster look, sporting longer hair, a beard, and “artsy” glasses (which are also part of the theme for Pizza Underground).

Part of that happiness is probably due to having a new girlfriend in actress Jordan Lane Price. The loving pair was spotted in Paris going out on multiple dates and openly kissing in public. During each visit Price was given a single red rose by Culkin as a romantic gesture. And it seems witnesses went gah-gah over the love birds:

“It was a simple gesture but very touching. It suggests they must be very much in love.”

Besides being a brunette, Jordan Price is claimed to have a “resemblance” to Mila Kunis. But otherwise the pair just mesh according to sources:

“She’s a cool chick — based in New York. She’s into good music (rock) and they hang out in the same parts of New York. They have tons in common.”

Do you think Macaulay Culkin is dating Jordan Price because of her resemblance to Mila Kunis?

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