Sarah Palin’s SUV Sold On eBay, Mayor Attacked For Selling Way Above Value

Sarah Palin’s SUV sold on eBay, causing quite a stir because the amount was much higher than it was really valued.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a Sarah Palin reality TV show will start up in 2014. (Elton John might have something to say about that…)

Sometimes the weirdest stuff will sell for remarkable amounts of money depending on who used to own it. For example, George W. Bush’s truck was sold for $300,000 in order to raise money for charities benefiting military families. And Kurt Cobain’s childhood home was sold for $500,000, including the rock star’s bed mattress and everything in his former home.

So maybe it’s not too odd that the Palin SUV would sell for a decent amount considering the popularity of Sarah Palin in Alaska. The 1999 Ford Expedition had 74,188 miles, was valued at only $2,355, never belonged to the Palin family, and was last used by Sarah Palin in 2002. In fact, it was a city-owned vehicle she only used as the mayor of Wasilla.

Despite all these facts, a woman out of Fairbanks, Alaska won the Palin SUV at auction for a relatively amazing $10,300. In response, local officials accused Mayor Verne Rupright of trying to fatten the city’s coffers:

”I feel like it’s unfortunate the mayor would try to capitalize on Sarah Palin’s fame and her reputation… [it’s] above and beyond what the city coffers would need. Down the line, maybe the mayor’s got some tables and chairs that Sarah Palin used he wants to put on eBay?”

The current mayor says he’s “guilty as charged” for overselling the so-called “Sarah Palin Mayor Mobile” but doesn’t seem to think the idea for the chair is a bad one, either:

“[Sarah Palin’s chair as mayor is] getting a little old and dirty. They might get $10 for it at a secondhand store, or a Palin fan might pay $200 for it because she once sat in it. Somebody might find some value in it. If you can get some dollars back for it, you should try, in my mind. That’s just business.”

The proceeds for selling the Palin SUV is going to the Food Pantry of Wasilla and the mayor ” picked one that I thought would be the most beneficial for many citizens.”

Do you think it’s wrong for the Alaskan mayor to try and sell the Sarah Palin SUV for more than it’s worth?