Lea Michele To Release Debut Album ‘Louder’ In March

Lea Michele first album to be released in March

Lea Michele is launching her solo career with the debut of the album Louder in March of 2014, Columbia Records announced on Tuesday.

In anticipation to the big debut, Michele released the first single, “Cannonball”, an uplifting, catchy piece written by Sia Fuller, who also wrote another single in the album, “Battlefield.”

Lea Michele makes use of her powerful stage voice to sing:

“And now I will start living today, today, today. I closed the door / I got this new beginning, and I will fly, I’ll fly like a cannonball.”

The new album has been the product of a year’s work and contains 11 tracks that feature guest stars including Christina Perri, Stargate, and Colin Munroe.

Lea Michele was left devastated after her co-star in Glee and boyfriend in real life, Cory Monteith died of a combination of drugs and alcohol in July.

The unexpected death left Michele and her fellow cast members in shock and the show’s producers scrambling to figure out how to handle the loss.

After spending time grieving she was able to complete work on this album, which is a reflection of the emotional year Lea Michele has lived. The actress explains:

“There’s a lot of emotion but it’s also very encouraging and hopeful — it’s about pushing forward and living your life in a way that’s louder, stronger and bolder. I’m so excited to share this new side of me with my fans.”

The 27-year-old plays Rachel Berry in the musical drama/comedy Glee, a college student in New York City who dreams of becoming a famous Broadway star.

Lea Michele shared the exciting news with her followers on Twitter:

Lea Michele will perform her song “Cannonball” live for the first time on the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Thursday, December 12. Take a listen to the new single on the video below: