Infant Skeletal Remains Found In Northeast Ohio Home

Two Infant Skeletal remains were found locked inside of a foot locker in a home in northeast Ohio. According to Fox News 8, a Stark County coroner’s investigator has confirmed that the remains are that of two human infants.

ABC News reported that relatives of a recently deceased 66-year-old woman had discovered the foot locker while cleaning out their mother’s mobile home in North Canton, Ohio. One of the men cleaning out the mobile home said he opened the locked container and as soon as he realized there were human remains in them, he promptly contacted police.

North Canton police Chief Stephan Wilder stated that the woman had died in late November. He continued on to say that it is not clear exactly how old the remains are, but that “it doesn’t appear the children died recently.”

According to reports, the skeletal remains included a partial skull and other small bones all contained in a plastic bag inside of the foot locker. There was also a small blanket and other items including some form of cloth that had deteriorated. Police and other investigators did a second search of the home, but according to ABC News, they found nothing else that was considered noteworthy.

“It’s a sad case to have to investigate,” Wilder said.

Fox News 8 stated that the remains will be sent to the anthropology department of Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pennsylvania for further examination. ABC News continued on to state that the university will further examine the remains and those results, “along with DNA analysis,” could help address lingering questions such as the age and gender of the children.

Police say that the man who found the foot locker with the human infant skeletal remains has cooperated with investigators and seems to be shocked by the whole thing. “I think he was, you know, alarmed or shocked by what he found in his mother’s belongings,” Wilder said.

Police have said that they are reaching out to other family members to see if they can learn anything more about the remains of the children. The North Canton Police Department’s detective bureau and the Stark County Coroner’s Office are currently investigating the case.

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