Heisman Finalists: Jameis Winston Doesn’t Have To Fear Losing Trophy Vote

Heisman finalists like Jameis Winston don’t have to worry much any more about losing the Heisman Trophy due to rape charges.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Winston’s sexual assault investigation become the focus of Heisman voting in 2013.

Heisman Trophy coordinator Tim Henning was even asked what would happen if Winston was charged with the crime after the Heisman finalists voting was already over:

“We have a longstanding policy not to comment on hypothetical situations. Any discussion of a potential revote would have to be made by the Heisman Trophy trust. At the end of the day, the trust makes all decisions to anything pertaining to the Heisman.”

The alleged sexual assault by Winston took place in December of 2012 in Tallahassee, Florida. The case took a new turn when the FSU QB’s DNA was found in the accuser’s underwear and also some some new evidence came to light, including DNA evidence from a second male, reportedly the accuser’s boyfriend. The alleged rape victim was also hazy about specifics of the incident, saying that she was drunk and could not remember everything that happened. In fact, she apparently didn’t even know who Winston was for quite a while. Eventually, Willie Meggs, the state attorney for the Second Judicial Circuit, announced that Jameis Winston wouldn’t have to face rape charges, clearing his way to the Heisman finalists platform in New York.

So now the tally behind the Heisman finalists is just a numbers game. Historically, most of the recent trophy winners claimed more than 70 percent of the possible Heisman votes. But this year the winner may only take about 30 percent. Statisticians have been busy polling people over the Heisman voting, and it seems likely that Jameis Winston is the front runner of the six Heisman finalists by a decent margin, with Andre Williams, AJ McCarron, Jordan Lynch, Johnny Manziel, and Tre mason following in his wake.

While poll numbers behind the Heisman voting make statisticians happy, it’s Jameis Winston’s stats that make foot ball fans happy. He might break the NCAA record for passer efficiency rating (190.1) but he’s already set records for yards passing (3,820) and TD passes (38) for a freshman. And if he’s Heisman trophy winner he’ll be the second freshman after Johnny Manziel. Even if he loses he’s still part of a record since having six Heisman finalists is the most since 1994.

One of the six Heisman finalists will be announced as the trophy winner this Saturday. Who do you think it should be?