2010 NFL Draft one year later: Arizona Cardinals

A year ago I was a heck of a lot higher on the 2010 Arizona draft class then I am now. All they got out of this group was one starter, and a late round surprise at QB. They went 5-11 in 2010 and didn’t do very well on either side of the ball. They lost two big pieces of their offense before the draft and failed to replace them in the draft. They also lost pieces on their defense, and while it looked like that had been addressed, they simply failed.

A quick look at the 2010 Cardinals draft class:

  • Round One- DT Dan Williams
  • Round Two- ILB Daryl Washington
  • Round Three- WR Andre Roberts
  • Round Four- O’Brien Schofield
  • Round Five- QB John Skelton
  • Round Six- DB Jorrick Calvin
  • Round Seven- TE Jim Dray

So a year ago it looked like Williams was a big fit for the 34 defense, but he could not crack the starting lineup. He did wind up with 38 tackles. Washington was given two stints as a starter and wound up with 78 tackles and a pick. Roberts caught 24 passes for 307 yards and two scores. Schofield was hampered by knee surgery. Skelton went 2-2 as the starting QB. Calvin was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles. Dray played in every game and caught three passes for 47 yards.

So all of these guys, (for the most part) got significant playing time and yet this team still lost. That either means they were learning their positions or they were overmatched by better players. Either way this draft in one year has not given the Cardinals much. They may have taken some risks in the later sounds of the 2010 draft, but it looks like they missed on their early round picks.

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