9 year old writes book on how to talk to girls

Kids can fall into two categories, oh my god isn’t that kid cute, or oh my god that kid is so annoying if he wasn’t 9 I’d punch him. Meet Alec Greven the precocious nine year old that if he wasn’t nine you would punch.

Alec Grevin has written a book that provides help for boys and men who are having difficulty making the talk with the ladiez. Apparently its written from his enormous knowledge, experience, and observations of the trouble boys have getting a girl to like them in the school yard.

Check out the video. I know you will agree with me, that in five years, this boy is going to have to go to Amazon and buy a book entitled “Standing up to Bullies”. Trust me enjoy the 15 minutes kid, because in high school, the closest you are going to get to a girl, is through the slats in your locker as she walks past.

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