Courteney Cox Teams Up With Matthew Perry For ‘Cougar Town’

Courteney Cox recently teamed up with Matthew Perry for an episode of Cougar Town.

For those who didn’t watch television at all during the 90s, Cox and Perry famously starred together on the hit NBC sitcom Friends. Although the characters started off as pals, their relationship eventually turned romantic by the end of the series.

Since Courteney Cox has her own comedy on TBS at the moment, Matthew Perry decided to sign on for a role on the program. According to UPI, Perry will reportedly play Cox’s love interest on the show. The pair was recently spotted together on the set a few days ago.

Matthew Perry recently told the folks at Access Hollywood that appearing alongside Courteney Cox once again was “very surreal.” Prior to their stint on Cougar Town, the famous on-screen couple appeared together in the canceled comedy Go On.

“Nothing has changed! Literally! From the producers coming in to the process of learning the lines, all of it [is the same] except for the way we look! And [now], 30 million people aren’t watching, anymore. Other than that, it’s the same,” Perry said of the reunion.

According to E! Online, details about Perry’s role on Cougar Town are very few and far between. The only thing the outlet knows for sure is that he was recently brought in to play Courteney Cox’s love interest. The series is presently set to return on January 7, 2014.

Although Cougar Town started out as an ABC series, the show eventually made the jump to TBS. During her chat with Jimmy Fallon last year, Courteney Cox said the transition from network television to cable would allow the writers to take more chances with the material.

“I think we’ll have more freedom. The standards and practices thing will be a little looser. Maybe I say a couple of cuss words! I don’t know,” Cox explained to the talk show host.

Even co-star Ian Gomez thought Cougar Town would have an opportunity to tackle more daring subjects on TBS than it could on ABC. Gomez said the network’s associated with Disney forced the program to adhere to the company’s family-friendly attitudes.

“A little risque — the language, the situations, references to sex, references to incest, which is so funny — but if it’s with people on the show, it’s okay. In real life, it’s not funny,” he said of the show’s more risque sense of humor.

Are you looking forward to seeing Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry on Cougar Town?

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