Courteney Cox Promises More Breasts On ‘Cougar Town’

Courteney Cox promises that the fourth season of Cougar Town – due to start Tuesday on TBS – will be more packed with more nudity than ever before. And, by the sounds of it, a fair amount of bared flesh will belong to Cox.

Speaking to press at a Television Critics Association panel about the show, the 48-year-old actress joked:

“You will not see one scene that I don’t show my boobs. You know what? I’m getting older, so I’ve decided at this point I’m taking less focus off the face, and focusing [on my chest]. By the time I’m much older, I will just be absolutely nude. I think it’s gonna work for me, I hope.”

A later episode in the forthcoming season features the actress and her onscreen love interest, Josh Hopkins, stripping down for an entire day in a bid to spice up their marriage. Cox later reflected on filming for the episode with Us Weekly, telling the site:

“I did know in advance [but] I did not take advantage of the time I had to know. Lighting is everything! I’m not kidding. You could walk into a room and go, ‘Wow! I look great today.’ And one step further, you’re like, ‘Oh my God, I look horrible!’ “

Cox also chatted with Us about her hopes of getting to work with her old Friends cast mates soon. Previous seasons of Cougar Town have already featured cameos from Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston, but Cox is keen to get the male members of the Friends crew involved.

“I’d love to do something with Matt [LeBlanc],” she tells Us, before also mentioning she’d like to team up with Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer again. She even told the magazine she’d appear on Perry’s new NBC comedy, Go On, to return the favor. Of her time spent working on Friends, Cox says:

“I catch reruns of Friends and I don’t remember even being there. I’m like, ‘That is funny!’ “

Does Courteney Cox’s promise of more nudity in Cougar Town mean you’ll be tuning in Tuesday?

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