Super Mario, now immortalized on Converse shoes

Though I doubt the Goomba-squashing, Koopa-kicking capabilities of these rad Super Mario Bros. Converse sneakers, DO WANT. Sadly, these are only coming out in Japan this July, which basically guarantees my size 14 plates of meat won’t ever be squeezing themselves into these.

As well as dozens of ickle 8-bit Mario sprites and the Super Mario Bros. logo on the tongue, these also feature the famous Mario invincibility star in place of the Converse star. They’re available in black and white, and – because this event has hardly been recognized whatsoever – are meant to celebrate Super Mario Bros.‘s 25th anniversary.

Also, because I couldn’t justify two consecutive posts about Mario merch, Shapeways (via technabob) is now selling these terrific 3D Mario dioramas, as made from colored sandstone. They’re steep at $83 apiece, though pretty snazzy:

[SHOES MASTER, via Albotas]

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