Will Ferrell On Kanye West: He Kept Playing His Music During ‘Anchorman 2’ Cameo

Although Will Ferrell isn’t exactly hating on Kanye West, he did mention that the guy couldn’t stop playing his own music during his visit to the Anchorman 2 set.

The rapper is known to have something of an inflated ego, a fact that continues to rear its ugly head during interviews and onstage antics. While filming his cameo in the upcoming sequel, Ferrell and director Adam McKay said West continuously played his music for anyone and everyone associated with the film.

During their recent conversation with Rolling Stone magazine, Ferrell and McKay discussed Kanye West’s appearance in the film. Although the guy was clearly excited about taking part in the highly-anticipated follow-up, the rapper was apparently just as excited to share his new music with the cast and crew.

“He was playing it through the sound department, on the speakers on set, at the park, as people were setting up for the next shot. Which was great,” Ferrell said about West’s visit to the set.

The Saturday Night Live alum added, “But then he didn’t understand when it had to be turned off, when it was time to actually film. He was like, ‘Hey man, what’s going on?’ We didn’t want Kanye to get upset, but at the same time, we kind of had to film.”

Adam McKay said Kanye West even performed one of his new songs for the hair and makeup department. When Ferrell asked which tune he rapped, McKay seemed certain it was “New Slaves.” The pair seemed genuinely impressed with the rapper’s abilities.

“He was like, ‘You guys want to listen to some new tracks?’ We’re like, Yeah, sure! Then he started performing, and it gets to the point where he’s screaming. He goes a full 100-miles-an-hour. Then he’d turn off and go, ‘Anyway, thanks.’ It was hilarious,” McKay explained.

According to the Christian Post, Kanye West wasn’t messing around when it came time to film his Anchorman 2 cameo. Instead of just popping onto set and running through the bit, he bombarded Adam McKay with questions. Judging from his behavior, the guy definitely wanted to make a good impression on everyone.

“Kanye was great. He really locked in. He asked me a ton of questions. He’s super-interested in process — he’s a big fan of comedy. He took private lessons in beginner’s improve with a friend of mine in Chicago a few years ago,” the filmmaker explained.

Fans of Kanye West can check out his cameo alongside Will Ferrell and the rest of the gang in Anchorman 2 later this month. The film opens across the country on December 18.