Chris Brown Sued By Frank Ocean’s Cousin In Parking Lot Brawl

Chris Brown is once again in hot water, and this time it has to do with his parking lot brawl involving openly gay singer Frank Ocean. Back in January, the two were involved in a scuffle over a parking spot at a recording studio. Things got ugly when Brown’s bodyguard assaulted Frank Ocean’s cousin, Sha’Keir Duarte, and now Ocean’s cousin is suing the “Fine China” singer for 3 million dollars.

The cousin of Frank Ocean is seeking damages from Brown after the scarring brawl. Sha’Keir Duarte claims that he suffered distress and is still suffering after Brown’s bodyguard assaulted him. According to a report, Brown egged his bodyguard on during the fight.

TMZ is reporting that Duarte is suing Brown for $1 million for suffering, pain, and inconvenience, another million for emotional distress, and lastly, a third million for punitive damages, making a total $3 million and $60,000. The latter amount of money is for Duarte’s medical expenses.

Of course, Chris Brown isn’t one to be quiet over such a matter, and it’s being reported that he has responded by counter-suing Frank Ocean’s cousin. In the counter-suit, Brown claims that Duarte started the fight by threatening to kill him.

As for Frank Ocean, the R&B breakout singer enjoyed a mostly scuffle free year, but he reportedly started beef up again by tweeting that Brown’s new lyrics for “Versace” were “sloppy.” As for Brown, he let his emotions show a month after the brawl at the Grammys when he didn’t stand up for Ocean after he took home the Best Urban Contemporary Artist award.

It is also said that Brown called Ocean a homophobic slur during their brawl. If true, it wouldn’t be the first time Brown used defamatory language during a brawl. Currently Brown is seeking treatment for his anger management issues after a recent brawl with a stranger in Washington, DC, where it’s reported that he also used a homophobic slur.