‘Breaking Bad’ One Of Two AMC Nominees For Writers Guild Awards

Critically acclaimed television series Breaking Bad, considered by many to be the greatest show in television history, is one of two nominees from the AMC Network for the Best Television Drama Series at the 2014 Writers Guild Awards.

Breaking Bad is joined by another AMC alliterative fan favorite, Mad Men. CBS’s The Good Wife, Showtime’s Homeland, and House of Cards from Netflix also join Breaking Bad on the best TV drama list.

In addition to the Best Series honors, Breaking Bad is also nominated three separate times for Best Episodic Drama; with only six slots total, Breaking Bad accounts for half of the nominees in that pool; we like the odds. Episode 10, “Buried,” Episode 11, “Confessions,” and Episode 15, “Granite State,” are all on the list from Breaking Bad‘s final season. Previously, Breaking Bad has scored best series and episodic drama twice each.

That’s just another couple of notches on a very long Breaking Bad belt, awards-wise. In its five-season run, the Breaking Bad cast had a representative take home gold for Outstanding Performance every year at the Prime Time Emmy Awards. The show is also batting 1.000 when it comes to nods from the American Film Institute.

Joining House of Cards as Netflix offerings for the Writers Guild Awards is the comedic series Orange is the New Black. Each series is also on the list for Best New Series and House of Cards has a nominee for Episodic Drama while Orange is the New Black has two shots at Episodic Comedy. Their nominations are further evidence of the shifting power in the entertainment industry, with online-only programming becoming a viable model in the marketplace.

Of course, Breaking Bad fans don’t have to say goodbye completely after the series finale, since spin-off Better Call Saul is already in the works. Based around the exploits of sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman, who puts a new meaning to the phrase “criminal defense attorney,” Better Call Saul sees the return of Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan and fan favorite Robert Odenkirk as the series namesake. Whether it will be a sequel or prequel in nature is still up in the air but there are hints that some of your Breaking Bad favorites may stop in to say hello from time to time.

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