Siri: 2014 Civic And Chevrolet Cars Bring The iPhone’s Voice For ‘Eyes Free’ Travel

Siri’s 2014 Civic role will be to chat with Honda drivers in order to keep their eyes on the road and the hands off the console controls while driving.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Susan Bennett, who is Siri’s voice for the iPhone and iPad, had her life changed when her secret identity as Siri was revealed.

Well, at least now we know what type of car the Big Bang Theory’s Raj will be driving now. Six Chevy models and several BMW vehicles have already implemented Apple’s Siri Eyes Free feature which allows iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, or iPod Touch users running iOS 6 or iOS 7 to connect their devices using Bluetooth to the vehicle’s hands free system.

Instead of using the touchscreen on an Apple device to activate Siri, drivers simply hit a button built into their steering wheel. This allows the activation of “turn-by-turn voice directions, checking the weather, grabbing stock quotes, setting up calendar reminders and alarms, and sending e-mails and text messages.”

Chevrolet Vice President of U.S. Marketing Chris Perry says their customers have really enjoyed using Siri for their car’s voice activation:

“The response to Siri Eyes Free integration in Chevy Sonic and Spark from our customers has been remarkable. Easy, reliable, and portable connectivity is a top priority for our customers.”

But the Siri, 2014 Civic integration is not the first time Honda has ventured into these waters. Last year it was available as a Honda dealer-installed feature and several Acura models implemented it. So for the 2014 Civic they’re considering the Siri Eyes Free feature to be a key part of their new Display Audio in-car technology. But besides the voice activation features they’re also offering a 7-inch HD touchscreen display in the center console which can access Pandora. The 2014 Honda Civic will start at $18,190 and became available yesterday at dealers nationwide.

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