iPhone 5s Cases: The Top Five

If you own an iPhone 5s, you’ll know that protecting it from damage is one of the most important things you can do. Some iPhone cases will protect your phone, but what about style?

Many iPhone users complain that the more durable and effective cases are often cumbersome looking and don’t give them the stylish image they want. After all, the iPhone looks so sexy naked, but one fall and it’s all over – with a smashed screen being the worst scenario.

Fortunately, many iPhone 5s case manufacturers are on the same page as you. In order to meet the demand, they are starting to produce increasingly good looking cases that are also durable and can protect your phone from even the worst fall.

Here’s our handy list of the top five iPhone 5s cases on the market right now:

1. Gear4 Guardian:

Gear4 are renowned for their range of interesting phone cases. We think that the Gear4 Guardian stands out from the rest as it mimics the iPhone’s aluminium finish, and instead of covering up all that sexiness, it kind of compliments it. The Gear4 Guardian is available in black or white.

2. Cygnett Urbanshield:

It was a hard call for us to choose just one of the attractive cases in the Cygnett range. We found the Urbanshield case to be among the best in the range. Available in black or silver for the aluminium phone or black and white for the carbon fibre. Other cases to look out for from Cygnett are the Cygnett Workmate Utility, the Cygnett SecondSkin, and the Cygnett Apollo.

3. Incipio Feather:

The Incipio range also offers a lot of interesting phone case options. The feather is good due to its ultra-thin design and it is made of high density plextonium. The other thing we liked about this case is the options it offers people, due to the fact it comes in a choice of 14 different colors.

4. Lifeproof FR?:

A little higher in the price bracket perhaps, but the FR? is a very durable, waterproof iPhone 5s case which is also dirt and drop proof. Known as a more heavy duty case, the FR? also boasts a stylish design, while offering full use of the fingerprint scanner.

5. Barbour flip-cover:

Last but not least on today’s list is the Barbour flip-cover case. This case is for those users who prefer a fully protected screen at all times and quite like the “flip-effect.” We thought the Barbour was about as good looking as a flip case could get, while also being durable and rugged.

Whichever iPhone 5s case you opt for, make sure to check out the various street and online retailers in order to secure the best price and delivery terms.

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