Taylor Swift Approves Of New Ed Sheeran Album

Taylor Swift has had a big hand in helping Ed Sheeran get his career off the ground in the US by including him in her Red Tour, so what could be better than to have her approval for his new album?

For fans of the red-headed ballad singer, this new album can’t come soon enough. Do not despair, Ed Sheeran told MTV News more songs are coming very soon.

First though, is his latest single, “I See Fire” which he wrote for director Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

Many believe the piece by the Taylor Swift protege has a very good chance of earning an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song at next year’s Oscars.

“I See Fire” unfortunately missed the deadline for the Grammy’s but will be in contention in the 2015 music awards ceremony.

“I’m basically going to be promoting this song up until awards season, and then as soon as awards season is done, the next album begins,” Sheeran told MTV News on Tuesday.

The Academy Awards ceremony is scheduled for March 2 and nominations will be announced on January 16.

Ed Sheeran says Taylor Swift had a lot to do with the “energetic” album’s recording process.

“Whenever I finished a song, I’d send it to her to get her opinion,” Sheeran said of her pal Taylor Swift. “She’s heard all the songs and she’s a good judge of what’s good or not good.”

At a recent sold out show in Madison Square Garden, Ed Sheeran was joined by Taylor Swift on stage to perform their duet, “Everything Has Changed.”

Fans were screaming with delight at seeing the two superstars live together in New York City.

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift have become great friends and even though rumors of a romantic relationship persist, both have denied that anything along those lines is happening between them.

In a recent tweet, Ed tried to explain his friendship with Taylor Swift, saying, “We just clicked, I don’t think we’ve gone a day without speaking.”

Whether the relationship develops into something else, nobody can tell, but for now Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are good buds that happen to be extraordinary musicians.

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