Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift Take A Hike Through The Hollywood Hills [Photos]

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift decided to take a hike in Los Angeles ahead of Sunday evening’s American Music Awards.

Although the two aren’t in a relationship at the moment, that doesn’t mean they can’t spend a lot of time together. The musicians were recently spotted taking a hike in the wilds of L.A. before the AMAs. You can check out a few images from their excursion below.

According to E! Online, the warm weather in Los Angeles prompted Ed Sheeran to join Taylor Swift for a walk through the Hollywood Hills. Since the singers can’t go anywhere without shutterbugs chronicling their very move, they didn’t escape the trip without having their picture taken a few times.

Swift and Sheeran’s adventure through the less congested area of Los Angeles was just the beginning of their eventful evening. Taylor ended up walking away with several honors at this year’s American Music Awards. Capital FM explains that the artist took home four trophies at the event on Sunday night.

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift spend quite a bit of time together these days. In addition to occasionally posing for adorable Instagram photos, the pair also tour the globe together. Sheeran told the Today show over the summer that Swift really helped him enjoy his stay in the United States.

“My nana always said if you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere. I’m just overwhelmed by it,” the singer explained back in june.

He added, “I think the best thing about being on the road with Taylor is she has a lot of days off, so I actually get to see America. I got to see the Empire State Building the other day. I’d never been there, so that was fun.”

Curious to see some pictures of Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift together in the wilds of Los Angeles? Take a look at the images embedded below.

Here’s Swift with all of her awards.

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