Tehe: Twitter snarkily reflects on PlayStation Network hack

So, dear PlayStation Network User, Sony’s incompetence gave your credit card details to a hacker and they waited six days to admit your life savings are gone. Sucks, I know. Lucky for you, my newly pauperized friend, some Twitter denizens can still josh about this (courtesy of Kotaku):

“Hey folks, they told Playstation Plus subscribers about this credit card thing last Thursday.” – Bookscout

“If Sony had required firmware updates hourly instead of daily, this never would’ve happened.”MTV Multiplayer’s Russ Frushtick

“PSN’s down for a week, my credit card info might be stolen, but the most irritating thing about Sony’s service is still the name ‘Qriocity.'”Casey Malone

“PS3 Mortal Kombat exclusive: Kratos. Xbox 360 Mortal Kombat exclusive: being online.” Andre Black Nerd

“Sony warns that Playstation Network hacker may have taken users’ personal info/credit cards while leaving their virginity intact.”Funny or Die

“I better go change my birthday.” – Ars Technica reader

You’re… still not smiling.

[More of these at Kotaku]