Wayne Rooney And Rory McIlroy Go Head To Head For Nike Commercial

Wayne Rooney, one of the biggest soccer stars in the world, and Rory McIlroy, a superstar golf, pro went head-to-head on the golf course for a Nike commercial. Who came out on top?

Rooney wasn’t exactly following the golfing rules for this one as he wasn’t using a club to hit the ball, which wasn’t a golf ball either.

The Nike commercial was put together to promote their new golf ball, which is being called “Ordem.”

The Northern Ireland-native McIlroy only had great things to say about Wayne Rooney.

“The thing that strikes me about Wayne is just how hard he works on the pitch and how involved he wants to be in every single play.

“He’s an attacking player but he doesn’t mind defending and he’s really turned into a talisman for (Manchester) United and for England. It seems he loves the game, he loves to play football and it’s really good to see.”

Wayne Rooney didn’t mince words talking about McIlroy’s game either, saying:

“From what I’ve seen of Rory’s game, he’s aggressive.

“He takes the pin on when maybe some players don’t and I think there the players you want to watch. He’s still a young lad and to be so successful at such a young age is incredible. The thing about golf is you need a lot of concentration and so to do that at a young age is great to see and hopefully he continues.”

The pair went on with their shenanigans to the tune of a Bing Crosby song and, if you watch closely, you may notice Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo, who, despite suffering from a hamstring injury, manages to show some of his well known moves.

Wayne Rooney and Rory McIlroy also had some time to talk about being such high profile players in their respective sports.

“We had a bit of fun, had a bit of banter back and forth and it got quite competitive in the end, but it was really fun to shoot,” McIlroy told Sky Sports.

“Wayne is one of my favourite footballers, I’m a big Manchester united fan so to be able to spend the day with him and have some fun like that was cool.

“We talked about a few things, he gave me an insight into what his life’s like and how he trains and the everyday goings on at Manchester united which was really interesting for me,” McIlroy added.

“I shared a little bit with him gave him a few tips on his golf and we had a kick about with the football as well so all in all it was a good day.”

To find out who came out the winner, watch the video of the Nike commercial with Wayne Rooney and Rory McIlroy below.