Nintendo revealing Wii 2 in June

It looks like we’ll be getting a peek at Nintendo’s follow-up to the Wii in a matter of weeks!

After a hectic Easter weekend of rumors – including talk of a tablet-shaped controller with a touchscreen and the ability to stream content from the console itself – Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has confirmed reports that the console would be PLAYABLE at the E3 expo in LA, running June 7 – 9.

Nintendo also revealed in a financial update that Wii 2 (or whatever) will not release until after April 2012.

If the console did launch in 2012, that would mean the Wii has been succeeded after roughly six years. Sony and Microsoft are rumored to be looking at a 2014 launch for their next console, so why is Nintendo so jumpy? Iwata told Japanese newspaper Kyodo News that “it became difficult for developers to surprise customers with the current Wii,” which is CEO talk for “Wii just ain’t shifting units like it used to, time for a new shiny toy.”

Whatever new features Wii 2 does introduce, 3D visuals probably won’t be one of them. Iwata has pointed out that 3D televisions have yet to spread widely, making it difficult to justify the expense of a 3D system.

[Kyodo News, via Andriasang]