Was that a concert I heard in your living-room last night?

Tonight I was invited by nicefishfilms (thanks Michael) to join him; and about 180+ people, in the living-room of Peter Himmelman for a great jam session. Peter, along with some other really good musicians, held a concert in his home via UStream.tv. For those of you who don’t know Peter he is a very talented musician/songwriter; and from what I was told is related through marriage to Bob Dylan.

The interesting thing about the whole experience for me was Peter’s obvious willingness to use whatever media is available to get his music out to the people. While the jam session was happening in the video portion of the UStream.tv there was also a really good conversation happening in the chat area. Rather than treat it as just something that was part of the package of the video Peter actually took the time to see what was being talked about. As well you could phone-in to Peter’s living-room with questions for him and the others there with him.

What I think is important here is that even though there wasn’t thousands of people logging in to see the show Peter was still giving it his all. It felt to me like he didn’t care how many people were out there. It was more like he was having a great time with his friends there in his living-room and we were lucky enough to be included.

Would this be the type of thing other singers or bands could do and get new fans? I don’t know but I know that Peter got a new fan tonight. Would this help other singers or bands be able to sell more music or tickets to concerts? I don’t know for sure but I know I’ll probably be picking up some of Peter’s music soon.

What I do know is that I had a great time watching and I won’t soon forget the name Peter Himmelman or his music. I liked being included in what was obviously some friends having a great time playing music together and I know I’ll be back anytime there is another show. So ya… maybe this type of thing can work for other singers or bands. At the very least you’ll have some great concerts in your living-room each night.

This is the kind of thing that I think that a lot more musicians should really consider doing. Now maybe they do and this cranky old fart is just catching up once again but if not then it’s time to grab those cameras and getting setup on UStream.tv; or something similar. Chalk it up as another way to reach out to us your fans.

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