Auburn Announcer Rob Bramblett Goes Crazy On 109-Yard Missed Field Goal Return

Auburn announcer Rod Bramblett can be forgiven for losing control a bit when the Tigers upset No. 1 Alabama on Saturday.

After all, it was one of the most exciting and incredible finishes in college football history, one in which Auburn snatched victory with the most unlikely finish.

Alabama appeared to run the ball out as time expired in regulation and the teams tied at 28, but Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban argued that there should actually be 1 second remaining. Referees placed a final second back on the clock, and Alabama lined up for what would be a game-winning 57-yard field goal.

To take a step back, Alabama kicker Cade Foster had been benched earlier in the game after missing three field goals, leaving freshman Adam Griffith to try the kick.

The field goal attempt was short and sailed wide, where Chris Davis caught the kick and returned it 109 yards for a touchdown.

Auburn announcer Rob Bramblett added to the historic moment with a call for the ages.

As Davis took the ball and advanced it through the first wave of defenders, the Auburn announcer started to build with excitement. When Davis passed midfield, moving into open field and well past the slower linemen that Alabama had on its field goal team, Bramblett went crazy.

“There goes Davis!” he shouted. “Davis is gonna run it all the way back! Auburn’s gonna win the football game! Auburn’s gonna win the football game!”

As Alabama was lining up for the kick, the Auburn announcer seemed to foreshadow what would happen, noting that Davis was ready to field the kick if it ended up short.

This isn’t the first time the Auburn announcer has lost himself a little in a call. Earlier this year Auburn completed a 4th-and-18 against Georgia thanks to a perfectly timed tip, leading Bramblett to go a little crazy.

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