Dabbleboard: Online Whiteboarding Made Easy

Dabbleboard is a new web based digital whiteboard application that aims to deliver a natural and extremely easy to use end user experience.

Dabbleboard was designed by Fremont, CA based Zohair Hyder, a UC-Berkeley grad and former designer of GPU hardware for ATI/AMD. It was at ATI Hyder found himself frustrated “by the clunky interface of digital whiteboards”, leading to the creation of Dabbleboard.

Dabbleboard is focused on helping people think and communicate visually. Dabbleboard’s key selling point is its ability to make powerful features easily accessible to all users, so that it delivers the same experience as using a physical whiteboard. Dabbleboard allows reuse of old drawings, and enables sharing of drawings with people anywhere in the world.

The demo video is above, and hands on it’s as easy as shown. Draw a freehand line, box or circle, and Dabbleboard cleans it up for you. There’s some examples of saved user pages here. The service is still fairly new, but it shows a lot of potential and gets a thumbs up from me.

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