Michael Douglas Visits His Kids Twice A Day: Will It Get Catherine Back?

Michael Douglas is apparently being a very good daddy at the moment, at least as far as his two kids, Dylan and Carys, are concerned.

Douglas, who is estranged from his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones following their recent trial separation, reportedly turns up early to make breakfast for the kids.

Zeta-Jones’ penthouse apartment, which overlooks Central Park, is very convenient for Douglas who lives at the moment in a bachelor pad nearby.

The trouble between Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones all started when the former claimed that his tongue cancer may have been caused by oral sex! Catherine didn’t take this too lightly, as is understandable, and promptly showed Michael the door. She still has not ruled out divorce.

But it is good that the kids don’t seem to be suffering as a result of the separation – as they frequently do in these situations. For his part, Michael Douglas should be commended for arriving like clockwork every breakfast time, frying pan at the ready, to make pancakes for his kids.

Not only that, but it has also been reported that Douglas insists on seeing his kids for a second time, when he pops back over to the penthouse to watch some TV with them before bed every night.

An inside source spoke to the British newspaper, The Mirror, about the separation: “When he’s in New York, he makes the kids breakfast and comes back in the evening to watch TV with them before bedtime. Then he gets his marching orders from his wife and returns to sleep at his own place in Manhattan.”

The insider continued: “Michael is very bothered about spending regular downtime with Dylan and Carys rather than just seeing them for dinners and days out. It’s very sweet when he turns up at the apartment to cook for them because he so desperately wants to be back as part of the family’s life. Catherine thinks it’s really touching he’s being so hands-on with the kids – and he’s praying it’s the key back into her heart.”

Sadly, at the moment Catherine seems uneasy about patching things up with Michael Douglas, even though she hasn’t yet put the proverbial final nail in the coffin, since no divorce papers have been filed.