Lindsay Lohan Could Escape Felony Charges Today

If all goes as planned for Lindsay Lohan today her lawyer, Stephanie Sautner, will have her felony charges reduced to misdemeanors.

Under California Penal Code, Section 17(b), a judge at the end of a preliminary hearing can choose to have “relatively minor” charged reduced to misdemeanors. Since Lohan’s DUI arrest didn’t harm anyone and stealing a $2500 necklace is hardly a ‘hardened’ crime, there’s a good chance charges will be reduced.

In fact Lohan’s lawyer routinely uses the 17(b) penal code to her clients benefit and is likely to do so when Lohan appears in court on Friday.

If the crimes are reduced to a misdemeanor jail time will not be an option in the case against Lohan and she will more than likely end up with probation and a few fines.