'Breaking Bad' Spinoff 'Better Call Saul' May Be A Courtroom Drama

While details of the Breaking Bad spinoff are still sparse, Peter Gould, who created the Saul Goodman character, hinted that Better Call Saul could end up being a courtroom drama.

In an interview with Yahoo TV, Gould said he has been spending time in courtrooms for research. Although he didn't say much more about this point, none of Breaking Bad's episodes took place in a courtroom, so that bit of information already suggests that Better Call Saul could go in a vastly different direction than its predecessor.

Another difference between the two series could be the setting. In September, Bob Odenkirk, who made his first appearance in the season two episode "Better Call Saul," said he felt Saul grew up in Chicago. While Peter Gould didn't confirm Odenkirk's belief that the strip mall lawyer hailed from the Windy City, he did say that it was implied throughout the series that he wasn't from Albuquerque.

"You really learn about a character through what they do, not where they were or who they were. You really learn about them through behavior," Gould said. "We sketched in loosely some ideas, and he certainly said a few things over the years that give you a feeling of where he's from."

Gould added, "The way he dresses and the car he drives give you a feeling he's probably not from Albuquerque."

Peter Gould said that, although it has been reported that Better Call Saul will premiere next fall, there wasn't a definite date yet, but that he and Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan, and others are "working on it." He also said he thinks the series will be "pretty unique" and that it won't be what fans are expecting.

In a separate interview with Access Hollywood, Bob Odenkirk also confirmed that the spinoff will be "something new."

The 51-year-old said, "Maybe it's prequel? Maybe it's sequel? Maybe it's both? They're talking about mixing it up. You may see a little of before [Breaking Bad], and a little of after. We'll see."

Odenkirk also confessed that he felt "a lot of pressure to do a good job" in the spinoff, but since some of the people involved with Breaking Bad are returning for Better Call Saul, "it's going to be a quality piece of work."