2010 NFL Draft one year later: Denver Broncos

I was never a fan of how Josh McDaniels ran his draft. However, it seems like the jury is still out on this one. We will see next Thursday night if taking Tim Tebow is thought of as a mistake. If the Broncos use the second overall pick on another QB the 2010 draft class will not look so good. If they don’t then Tebow gets a real shot and proving he can get it done then this draft class looks a heck of a lot better.

A quick look at the 2010 Broncos draft class:

  • Round One- WR Demaryius Thomas
  • Round One- QB Tim Tebow
  • Round Two- OL Zane Beadles
  • Round Three- C JD Walton
  • Round Three- WR Erik Decker
  • Round Five- DB Perrish Cox
  • Round Six- G Eric Olsen
  • Round Seven- DB Syd’Quan Thompson
  • Round Seven- LB Jamie Kirlew

So Thomas had 22 catches for 283 yards and missed the final six games due to injury. Tebow saw action late, but it felt like mop up duty. To be fair he deserves a real shot at winning the starting job. Beadles saw time at two spots along the O line. Walton started but did commit seven penalties in 2010. Decker caught six balls for 106 yards. Cox has some off the field issues but did have a pick and 58 tackles. Olsen saw little action. Thompson made 18 tackles and one pick, and Kirlew was cut in pre season.

So some problems, some incomplete analysis, and two starters along the Offensive Line. All in all that looks like an ok draft class but we have to see if the O lineman survive the regime change and what Tebow does from here on out.

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