August 24, 2017
Katy Perry's 'Smurfs 2' Voice: The Singer Opens Up On Prepping For Another Round

Katy Perry recently opened up on how she prepared for her role in Smurfs 2. To begin with, she literally ignored the role entirely to go back in with a fresh start.

Despite the critical disappointment with the first Smurfs motion picture, it was apparently enough of a success with the kids to spawn a sequel, and the "Roar" singer is back to play the role of Smurfette once again. Apparently it's a bit of a strain on her, as she says it's not her normal voice, a common hurdle faced by any talented voice actor or actress.

Perry says the film's story about Smurfette stayed true to the source, in that the character was actually created by Gargamel. Now she's starting to question her own identity and whether or not she really belongs with the Smurfs.

Katy Perry expanded on the story:

"She starts to ask herself some questions: where does she come from? Does she fit in? In a way, it's like she's becoming a teenager, asking the same kinds of questions we all go through when we come of age. She's really trying to figure out if she's a real Smurf. She was created by Gargamel, so there's a bit of naughtiness that's been subdued for a long, long time. But it's not about where you came from or who created you; it's what you choose to be and where you want to go in life."

Smurfette may be one of the most complex characters in the films, facing existential challenges and wondering about her own existence. Even her voice was a challenge, according to Smurfs 2's returning actress Katy Perry. Like anyone in the voice acting business, there is an element of disguising your own voice to pull off the role, and she had to figure out her method to prepare.

Perry adds on performing the voice:

"It was fun to get back into character. I blocked out a couple of days to prepare for it, because I get into a zone where I really have to turn it on. Smurfette isn't my normal voice – it's like my voice and a bag of rocks, with a pinch of sugar."
Katy Perry also commented on the idea of playing opposite an "evil twin" with Christina Ricci, saying she's always looked up to her as an actress and as a person.

With the sequel to Smurfs 2 already in the works, the singer has at least one more round to go with Smurfette. For now, you can enjoy her latest efforts on Blu-Ray and DVD, out now.