HTC Sensation Launching June 8, Leaked Twice By HTC

A screen grab on Google Adwords today has revealed that HTC plans to release the HTC Sensation on June 8. As you’ll notice, the screenshot sends users to the url, leading us to believe that it was accidentally announced by HTC.

If that isn’t enough proof for you, TmoNews also points out that a photo of the device from HTC also shows the June 8 date on the phones display, more than likely a mock up that was meant to be used when announcing the phones U.S. release date.

Considering that HTC had said the 4G enabled phone would show up in the U.S. “beginning this summer” there’s a good chance the leak is correct.

Here’s the phone screenshot showing the June 8 date:

HTC Sensation June 8

Get ready T-Mobile customers, it looks like your 4G device is only a two months away.