Sony confirms death of PSP Go

Ding dong, Sony’s PSP Go is dead – and that’s official.

Sony Computer Entertainment confirmed to AV Watch that it was no longer manufacturing or shipping the download-only portable, which sold only 207 units in Japan last week. This, Sony explained, was so it could concentrate on the NGP, its flashy new follow-up to the original PSP.

The PSP Go lived a short and sad life, having never really stood a chance in this age of cheap smartphone games and Nintendo dominance.

After seeing its price slashed by retailers just a week after launch, the Go quickly became a target of developers, who predicted its demise. Charging the same steep prices for downloadable games as the UMD versions didn’t help, and in the end even Sony admitted it was priced too high.

Now, bring on the NGP!

[AV Watch, via Kotaku]