Tara VanDerveer: Celebrates 900 Wins: ‘I’ve Lived A Blessed Life’

Tara VanDerveer has enjoyed great success as the coach of Stanford University Women’s basketball team since 1985.

She entered into the Hall of Fame after reaching her 900 win target on Wednesday, and then prepared for her team’s game against Florida Gulf Coast.

VanDerveer spoke about the honor:

“It goes fast. I can remember my first game. I remember different dates and different places and obviously some really big games, but it goes really fast. I’m thankful to have coached in the places I’ve coached, for the assistants I’ve worked with, the athletic directors I’ve worked for and the outstanding players and fabulous fans. I’m very fortunate, I’ve lived a blessed life.”

The other four women’s coaches who have reached the 900 win plateau are Jody Conradt, C. Vivian Stringer, Sylvia Hatchell and Pat Summitt.

Due to her track record and great success, it’s not inconceivable that in time Tara VanDerveer could surpass Pat Summit’s record of 1,098 wins. After all, it only took her three seasons to gain her last 100 wins.

Jim Harbaugh, the San Francisco 49ers coach who used to coach at Stanford, said about VanDerveer:

“She’s just the best. A tremendous coach, great person, one of best coaches I’ve met, hands down. I love her.”

Tara VanDerveer spoke about her coaching career:

“When I started coaching it never enters your mind winning any games. I live in the moment for that game, that season. I’m not a bean counter.”

It remains to be seen whether or not Tara VaDerveer will be able to overtake Pat Summit’s 1,098 victories. She has high aspirations and believes that raising the record to 1,200 is not beyond her reach.

Do you think that Tara VanDerveer can surpass Summit’s win record? How many years do you think VanDerveer has left in her career as Stanford’s coach? Share your comments in the feed below.