Vonage Now Offers Free VoIP to Mobile Phone Calls In 42 Countries

Vonage on Tuesday announced their World Premium Unlimited calling plan which will debut in 42 countries.

Under the $55/month plan users will be able to make unlimited VoIP to Mobile Phone calls and unlimited VoIP to landline calls.

The plan also offers unlimited local and long distance service between U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico customers.

To use the service customers must have a touch tone phone that’s hooked up to a Vonage adapter and a high speed internet connection.

According to Mike Tempora, senior vice president of product management for Vonage:

“World Premium provides these callers with the peace of mind to call any landline or mobile number in 42 countries including Brazil, Costa Rica, Japan, Australia, France, Spain and the UK for one flat price. Customers who use World Premium Unlimited to call as little as one hour a week to mobile phones in countries like Mexico and the UK will save over $400 a year versus the best pay per minute rates from major phone companies.”

Is that enough for you to give Vonage a first or second try?