Batkid Strikes Again, Saves Rapper Pitbull In New York City

In what is becoming a regular occurrence, Batkid strikes again, this time in New York City, where he saved the rapper Pittbull on Tuesday.

Miles Scott, 5, who is a Leukemia survivor, did it again, he saved Gotham, located in the east coast to the delight of his many fans.

Batkid was granted a wish a few weeks ago, becoming a hero for a day, after the San Francisco chapter of the Make-a-Wish Foundation made headlines around the world.

Miles has stolen millions of hearts because of his adorable pint sized Batman, which prompted the approval of Ben Affleck, who will play the dark knight in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman and Christian Bale, who brought the superhero to life in the Dark Knight trilogy.

The headlines in the The New York Daily News read, “Wonderful Scott! Batman’s nemesis, the Joker, visited the Major Apple this early morning and took a superstar hostage!”

However, to the relief of New Yorkers, Batkid hopped on a plane, only for the second time in his 5-year-old life, to come to the rescue and save the day.

It seems people can’t get enough of Batkid and his dream of becoming Batman for a day goes on and Miles Scott occasionally travels with his mask in case his services are needed.

Visiting the “real Gotham City” as New York papers are calling it (compared to San Francisco which transformed into the legendary city for Miles), he made an appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America.

During his time in the studio he was seen taking on the hated Joker after he took Pitbull hostage.

But there was no reason for concern, Batkid was there and he made quick work of Joker on live television, saving the rapper in the process.

After the brave rescue, even Mayor Bloomberg noticed and had some encouraging words for the brave hero:

“Hey Batkid! It’s great to welcome another brave crime fighter to the real Gotham, New York City.”

This is the second official appearance for Batkid, who has charmed the world with his crime fighting moves while saving Gotham City, where ever it may be.

Two weeks ago, Miles was issued a chocolate key to the city of San Francisco by their Mayor, witnessed by thousands who came out to support him.

Over 12,000 followers cheered Batkid as he and a larger size Batman spend four hours fighting crime in the city by the bay.

“He’s in remission so this has type of been like the right after-party for him, a way to kick it off,” his father Nick Scott said to ABC. “Chemo is all he’s at any time recognized. Which is the lifetime that he’s known but this is variety of a way to celebrate the ending.”

Batkid parents, announced last week that as a result of all the attention his son’s case has gotten, they have established a “Batkid Fund” to support the organizations that helped their family when their son was fighting his biggest battle, cancer.

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