Jon Bon Jovi Considers Purchasing The Buffalo Bills

Jon Bon Jovi is reportedly interested in purchasing the Buffalo Bills. The NFL team is expected to sell with the passing of owner Ralph Wilson. Although the Rogers Communications group was thought to be the most likely purchaser, Bon Jovi’s interest in the franchise has increased in recent months.

Most recently, the Bon Jovi front man has “spent considerable time” in the Buffalo area meeting with key political and financial figures. He also revised his current tour schedule to include a show in the area.

The superstar’s interest in NFL teams is nothing new. He is personal friends with several coaches, including Bill Belichick of the Patriots. He has also expressed interest in becoming a minority owner of several other teams.

Becoming principal owner of the Buffalo Bills would be a big step. However, according to CBS Sports Jon Bon Jovi is working hard to make his dream a reality.

Although several groups and individuals have expressed interest in the franchise, team owner Ralph Wilson said the “team is not for sale.” The 95-year-old man said he will retain control of the team as long as he lives.

Wilson’s objections have not halted speculation about the team’s future. Rumors have been circulating for months, prompting team officials to release a statement:

“The organization does not respond to reports of the interest other parties may have in ownership of the franchise or of speculation concerning various groups that may have such interest.”

As reported by Democrat & Chronicle, some officials are concerned that the superstar would move the franchise away from the Buffalo area. An Erie County spokesman stressed the importance of securing a 10-year lease before the team is sold. Bon Jovi’s representatives refused to comment on the rumors.

John Francis Bongiovi, Jr. is a native of New Jersey. Starting out as a custodian in New York City’s Power Station recording studio, the aspiring singer eventually formed his own band and recorded several demos.

In the following years, Bongiovi changed his name to Jon Bon Jovi. He and his band released their first album in 1984. By 1991, the band’s song Blaze of Glory won an American Music Award and a Golden Globe.

Jon Bon Jovi has been a staple in the music industry for decades. However, he is interested in expanding his influence as he considers purchasing the Buffalo Bills.

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