Caroline Kennedy Assumes Post As First Female US Ambassador To Japan

Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of former President John F. Kennedy, is assuming the post as as newly appointed US Ambassador to Japan.

This is not only a first for Kennedy, but she is the only female US Ambassador named to the Asian country.

Caroline Kennedy has grown from a sweet young girl, who Americans watched riding a pony in the White House grounds and sitting on her slain father’s lap in the 60s, to a diplomat.

Ms. Kennedy is the last surviving member of her family after her father was assassinated 50 years ago, her mother died from cancer in 1997, and brother John F. Kennedy Jr. was killed in a plane crash two years later.

Caroline Kennedy has endured more suffering in her personal life than many will ever know, but somehow she has been able to continue her father’s legacy.

Even though some criticized her appointment, due to her lack of diplomatic experience, many believe the Kennedy name and her background has enough weight to represent the US in a foreign country.

Caroline Kennedy’s appointment is not a first in the family, her grandfather Joseph Kennedy was US Ambassador to Britain and her aunt Jean, was the country’s representative to Ireland.

Despite the criticisms, she sailed through her confirmation hearing as reported by The Inquisitr back in September.

Caroline Kennedy, 55, is a writer and a lawyer. She graduated from Harvard University and Columbia Law School.

She is editor of several bestselling books which range in topics from constitutional law, to politics, and poetry.

One of them is The Best-Loved Poems of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, with poems her late mother and former First Lady read to her and her brother John Jr., some of which she authored.

In her commitment to education and culture, Caroline Kennedy has held several positions including member of the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award Committee; chair of Harvard’s Institute of Politics; honorary chair of the American Ballet Theater; and vice chair of the Fund for Public Schools.

Caroline Kennedy is married to museum exhibit designer Edward Scholssberg and has three children.

How do you feel about Caroline Kennedy’s appointment as US Ambassador to Japan?

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