‘Good Morning America’s’ Amy Robach Discovers Second Tumor During Surgery

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Good Morning America’s Amy Robach. During a segment that saw the ABC host having her first mammogram on air, Robach announced the procedure that she was initially leery to partake in saved her life. After the segment was over Robach found out that had a malignant tumor in her breast.

Robach decided to go public with the news by announcing that she was going to undergo a double mastectomy to fight the very deadly disease. However the surgery didn’t go as planned, as Amy announced that during the procedure doctors found a second previously undetected tumor that was malignant as well.

In an emotional letter to her colleagues Amy Robach sent thanks for everyone for their support and also revealed the second bout of bad news that she experienced over the last few weeks.

“It brought so many tears of joy to my eyes and warmed my heart more than you’ll ever know to see what my ABC family did for me and for my entire family. In fact, there have been so many emails, it may take me weeks to get back to each and every one of you!”

The letter goes on to express just how powerful the whole experience has been for Robach, and then the Good Morning America host revealed news that truly no one wants to hear after surgery.

“While in surgery last week my surgeon found a second, undetected malignant tumor. No MRI, no mammogram, no sonogram had found it. It was only through the mastectomy that she discovered it. My cancer had spread to my sentinel lymph node, but not beyond, so I will have more treatments ahead of me, but none that will take me out of work.”

According to Amy Robach she will be able to go back to work at Good Morning America on December 2.

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