Teddy Bear Bomb Discovered By Newspaper Delivery Man

A teddy bear bomb was discovered by a local newspaper delivery man in North Carolina. Captain Philip Todd of the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department, told reporters that the delivery man had found the teddy bear laying on the side of the road in Cleveland County, North Carolina.

Todd told ABC News, “He stopped, got out, picked it up and when he did there was some kind of device that fell out of the teddy bear.” The delivery man, now identified as Anthony Cannon, had taken the teddy bear with him to his cousin’s home, and when it all-of-a-sudden started smoking, he called 911.

According to USA Today, Cannon, 42, said, “I thought it was real unusual to be sitting in the middle of the road. It was pitch-black out there. When I picked the bear up some sort of container fell out.” He continued on to say that he brought the container back to his cousin’s home, and that is when he found out that the container was not only filled with some sort of liquid, but also had wires coming out of it. The item was then quickly put outside on the porch, and 911 called. According to WSOCTV.com, the call to 911 went as follows:

Caller: “We found something. It looks like somebody tried to make a bomb out of it and we have it right here in our possession and I want to know if it’s possible if you can come get it.”

911 Dispatcher: “Well, don’t touch it anymore, OK? Leave it where it’s at.”

Along with police, a bomb squad from the larger nearby city of Gastonia arrived at the home, and according to USA Today, Cannon said that “within about two minutes of walking up, they said it was an improvised explosive device (IED) and cleared us out of the house.” Cleveland County Sheriff Alan Norman said Cannon was very lucky. He continued on to say that even though he wasn’t sure how the device was meant to be set off, it was capable of causing serious damage.

The teddy bear bomb has since been deactivated and sent to a lab where federal investigators are inspecting the device, how it works, and who may have made it.

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