Lady Gaga fan mutilates pet cat for concert costume

20-year-old Angelina Barnes was headed out to a Lady Gaga concert earlier this week, and selected a rather unusual method of accessorizing.

Instead of a bubble hat or meat dress, Barnes actually drowned her family’s 15-year-old pet cat as part of a gruesome ensemble. She then cut into the animal’s corpse, removing its liver and eyes and painting her face with the cat’s blood.

A relative discovered Barnes covered in the tabby’s blood, and said Barnes had also at some time disabled light switches with electrical tape. The person then contacted police to say she was “very afraid that the suspect was going to try to do harm to her.”

Police who responded to the call described a pretty unsettling scene at Barnes’ home:

Back at home, investigators found purple hair dye and blood all over the bathroom along with the cat that had been drowned; sliced down the belly, eyes mutilated, the cat’s liver was found in a makeup case on counter.

Barnes has been brought up on charges of animal cruelty and was treated at a local hospital.


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