Meg Irsay Divorce From Jim Irsay: How Will It Affect The Indianapolis Colts Ownership?

With Meg Isray divorcing her husband, Jim Irsay, some might wonder what will be happen to the ownership of the Indianapolis Colts.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there was some controversy over a Super Bowl Ring between Jim Irsay and Peyton Manning, although Irsay claims they were misinterpreted.

Jim Irsay assumed ownership of the Colts in 1997 after the death of his father, Robert. He’s been married to Meg Irsay for 33 years, but during the last 10 years they have been separated. Since divorce can often lead to legal battles, fans might rightly worry about ownership of the Colts being split in half, or at least Jim Irsay’s ownership percentage could be lowered to the point that another owner might take control.

But any worries are for nothing. Despite the divorce, Jim Irsay will maintain 100 percent ownership and total control of the Indianapolis Colts.

This is what the family said about Meg Irsay divorcing her husband:

“After 33 years, we have mutually agreed to end our marriage. Meg will continue to pursue her professional interests and her commitment to our children and grandchildren, while Jim will maintain 100 percent ownership of the Indianapolis Colts and his other business interests. Although the decision to end our marriage is a difficult one, it is the right decision for us and our family. We appreciate your respect for, and understanding of, our privacy.”

Forbes estimated the Indianapolis Colts are worth at $1.6 billion, making it the 11th most expensive football franchise in the NFL. Jim Irsay’s net worth is also in the top 400 list, measuring in at $1.68 billion.

Jim and Meg Irsay have three daughters: Casey Foyt, Kalen Irsay and Carlie Irsay-Gordon. Each of the daughters is a vice chair/owner of the team, and we’re assuming the divorce won’t change that, either.