Abigail Breslin Poses Topless For Racy Photos

Remember when Abigail Breslin was a pint-sized actress who captured America’s Heart as Olive in Little Miss Sunshine? Well, Breslin has grown up since her 2006 film, and now instead of getting attention for being “quirky cute” in anti-pageant wear, she’s getting attention for a completely different reason. Breslin is unrecognizable as she poses nude in racy photos by photographer Tyler Shields.

Breslin, who’s in the film August: Osage County, is now 17-years-old. She is ready to show off her new look and transition from a child star into more adult roles. This transformation includes blonde hair, rimmed heavy eyeliner, and dark makeup; at least this is what she looked like for Tyler Shields’ shoot.

The photos of Abigail are extremely suggestive but still playful. In the photos, Breslin is seen posing in a bubble bath and sucking on a lollipop. To Breslin’s credit, she didn’t pose completely in the nude, and did cover up with a sheet, which still leaves much to the imagination.

Shields told E! about Abigail Breslin’s photo shoot:

“I wanted to do something iconic with her, something simple but timeless. She’s the perfect subject for something like this. Incredibly talented, beautiful actress but no one has ever seen her like this. There’s fun in that—showing someone to the world for the first time.”

So what did Abigail Breslin think of the suggestive photos? According to Tyler, she dug them in a big way:

“She loves them. I think anyone would love to have these photos taken of them. Forty years from now, she will be even happier!”

Since Breslin has reemerged on to the scene, she’s had roles in New Year’s Eve playing Sarah Jessica Parker’s developing tween daughter, The Call, and her latest August: Osage County sees Breslin playing Julia Roberts’ 14-year-old daughter.

What do you think is next for Abigail Breslin?

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