EA confirms Madden NFL 12 to ship August 30th

Madden NFL 12 will be released with customary timeliness this year, even if the real thing ends up being called off. Speaking at a recent event, EA Sports head honcho Peter Moore confirmed Madden NFL 12 will arrive in stores on August 30th:

“We’ll be shipping this year, regardless of what the labor issues are, whether they’re resolved or not,” explained Moore. “Madden 12 will be shipping on August 30th 2011, regardless of what happens with the league itself.”

Grand stuff, if you like this ‘gridiron’ business. Incidentally, if you’re still interested in who appears on the next Madden‘s cover, remember that EA is urging people to vote here. The choice is now down to the final four players: Aaron Rodgers, Michael Vick, Peyton Hillis, and Adrian Peterson.

[Via Joystiq]