$1 Million To Run Ad During Final Oprah Show

After 25 years as the host of the Oprah Winfrey Show at ABC Oprah is moving on to her OWN network and with that departure comes some of the most expensive TV commercial space of all time. The current charge? $1 million for a thirty second spot.

While shows such as 24 and Lost garnered large amount for their finales (but still less than $1 million per adspot) it’s extremely rare for a daytime talkshow to demand such a figure, since those shows garner smaller audiences than primetime events.

The last show to ask for such a large sum was Everybody Loves Raymond which in 2005 brought in $1.1 million per 30 second spot. However the record for a primetime show still belongs to Friends which brought in $2 million per ad.

The finale for Oprah will air on May 25, at which time the talk-show host will focus solely on rating at her slow-to-start OWN TV Network.