Powerball Winning Numbers Go Unclaimed: No One Wants To Be A Jackpot Winner?

As Powerball winning numbers go unclaimed, we have to wonder why anyone would just ignore the chance to be a Powerball jackpot winner.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a Powerball winning ticket in Florida for a $16 million jackpot was set to expire.

And it’s not like the unlucky Powerball winner wasn’t given plenty of notice. The winning Powerball ticket was sold back in May at a convenience store called Carrollwood Market.

The ticket was actually one of three Powerball winning numbers drawn on May 25. The total Powerball jackpot is said to have been $50, with the other two winning tickets drawn in Delaware and Lousiana. The Powerball winning numbers were 02-06-19-21-27 PB 25.

You might be surprised to find out that this unclaimed Powerball jackpot is not the largest in Florida history. Back in 2003, someone didn’t claim the Powerball winning numbers for $53 million. Ouch.

Fortunately, it’s not like the millions are going to waste. Some of the unclaimed winnings will be used to fund Florida education programs and the convenience store will received a $25,000 bonus just for selling the winning Powerball ticket. But 20 percent of the money will roll over to the next jackpot, causing it to grow even larger.

Interstingly enough, the Florida incident isn’t the only recent case where Powerball winning numbers were ignored. Someone in Los Angeles bought a ticket worth $465,539 back in May, but the Powerball jackpot expired after 180 days. The worst part is that lottery officials even had a photo of the guy.

The California Lottery says about $20 to $25 million per year for Powerball winning numbers are completely ignored.

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