Ron Perlman Dead In ‘Sons Of Anarchy,’ What Happened To Clay Morrow?

With Ron Perlman dead in Sons Of Anarchy, one of the major characters is gone and buried.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, now that Maggie Siff is pregnant, some people wondered how that would affect the story line of Sons Of Anarchy season 6 and 7, since she plays one of the main, not-really-pregnant female characters.

The plot of Sons Of Anarchy season 6 just took a sudden twist. The boys of SAMCRO were trying to rescue Clay Morrow (as played by Ron Perlman) from a prison truck and the Sons’ “King Claudius” was supposed to “take over position of supervisor of Irish gun distribution on the West Coast.” But that didn’t go as planned, and instead ended in the death of Ron Perlman’s character via execution.

Ron Perlman says Clay Morrow’s days were numbered because “he made choices that hurt a lot of other people” and “the betrayal of Gemma at the end of last season was the thing that broke him.” But Kurt Sutter says the plot was planned out to make people think Ron Perlman’s character wouldn’t die:

“And so, that by [the 10th episode] when you think okay, they’ve done everything they could to keep this guy alive and they’re going to keep him alive … when you have some sense that maybe you don’t hate Clay as much as you used to … that’s when we kill Clay.”

But it turns out Ron Perlman knew Clay Morrow would die at the beginning of Sons Of Anarchy Season 6, but not much else:

“There was not a whole lot that was shared in terms of how it would play out. I’ve always been a fan of not knowing, of getting the scripts and dealing with what I see when I see it. So I was okay with not knowing what it was going to look like. Kurt Sutter did mention that Clay would be seeking some sort of personal redemption. I didn’t know how that was going to play out, whether it was going to be a material kind where he was given back some of the things that were taken from him or just a spiritual kind, where he was going to commit some sort of act of self-sacrifice.”

Ron Perlman admits that Shakespeare’s Hamlet is the “superstructure” for the plot line. Clay Morrow was supposed to be the equivalent of King Claudius, so he had to die.

What do you think about Ron Perlman’s Sons Of Anarchy character dying so suddenly?

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