Man Throws Three-Month-Old Baby Into Boiling Water, Murders Sister-In-Law

A man in the Laining province in north east China allegedly threw his sister-in-law’s three-month-old baby into a pot of boiling water after stabbing the woman in the throat.

The man, Sun Chuanjun, got into an argument with his sister-in-law, Xu Xiaoli, about money at her home. He then reportedly proceeded to stab the woman with a serrated kitchen knife in the neck.

The man then fled the house and took the crying baby to his father’s house nearby. After entering the premises, he proceeded to throw the baby into a pot of boiling water.

Neighbors said they heard screams coming from the house of Xu and when they entered, they found her lying dead on the floor: “We went next door and the place looked like a bloodbath,’ a neighbor said.

A police spokesman from the province spoke about what happened when the crazed man entered his father’s house: “When he got to his father’s house he saw a large pot of boiling water and simply threw the child into it.

The man confessed to the charges leveled against him, admitting to authorities that he committed his crimes because of a dispute over money.

The baby is in hospital fighting for its life and has third degree burns over the majority of its body. Sun Chuanjun’s father suffered from severe burns after he reached into the pot of boiling water to rescue the baby.

The incident has shocked the country and the accused man is to be sentenced and most probably will be executed.

A spokesman from the Chinese authorities said: “We are not used to such callous crimes against innocents in China. Family is everything. He can expect little mercy when it comes to trial.”

It is assumed that the man will be put to death by a firing squad and his organs will be used for transplants.

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