Casey Kasem To Stay Under Wife’s Care, Judge Rules

Casey Kasem wants his kids to visit him again as a Judge has determined he can stay under the care of his wife, Jean.

In the ruling against Kasem’s children, Los Angeles Superior Judge Lesley Green denied an emergency conservatorship from Julie Kasem.

However, Judge Green set a hearing for December 20 on her request for a permanent one.

The Judge in the case also said a court evaluator came to the conclusion that Casey Kasem was ready to resume visits with his adult kids, which were abruptly interrupted when he became bedridden earlier this year.

Green urged attorneys on both sides to come to an agreement that would allow Casey Kasem’s children to come and see him.

The Los Angeles Circuit Judge ordered the ailing man’s wife and kids to put aside their “bad blood” and work out on a visitation agreement which would grant his express wishes.

But it is still looking contentious, as step mom Jean Kasem wants to allow only individual, one-hour visits every third Sunday and on holidays, according to 41-year-old Kerri Kasem.

Speaking with the New York Daily News outside the court, Kerri said:

“One hour a month separately under heavy security is treating me like a criminal, treating my family like criminals.

“It’s like we’re prisoners. Should my father be treated like a prisoner? Once a month he gets visitation with family members for an hour? That’s not okay,” she said.

Kerri said she would prefer unlimited access to her dad, but she was willing to compromise.

“Maybe instead of every week it’s every other week for a couple hours with all of us, with the family together,” she said. “As the judge said, my dad has expressed wanting to see his family, and he’s expressed it loud and clear.”

Supporting Kerri was her sister Julie Kasem, 38, who together with brother Mike spoke to Casey Kasem on an almost daily basis and visited him outside his home before Parkinsons disease took away his ability to go out with his chauffeur.

Jean Kasem, 59, was not present at court, but her attorney Marshall Grossman said Casey Kasem kids’ actions can be seen as “bullying.”

Grossman said they are hoping to come up with an agreement and a visitation for Thanksgiving and wants to reach a settlement in which no more court proceedings would be necessary.

The lawyer said the American Top 40 host agreed with his wife, before he became ill, that visits from his adult children were “toxic.”

He did not go into details on the past history of the older daughters’ troubles with Kasem, Jean, and the couple’s 23-year-old daughter Liberty, but added Kerri and Julie know the reasons “all too well.”

Casey Kasem kids insist they are not looking for Jean’s money, but just want to be able to visit their dad and spend time with him as a family.

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